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Rancho Cucamonga Bankruptcy Attorney at Law

Many small businesses start by taking loans with the intent of paying back once they start making profits. However, due to the gap in between the business’s supply and

along with economic inflation, too many businesses have shut down before they could bloom into something valuable and are stuck with hefty debts instead. Similarly, the world is a brutal place for many who are unable to make sufficient wages and are burdened under unimaginable medical emergency bills or student loans, taxes, etc. People with mortgages and car leases do also tend to suffer at times due to the piling up of debts and meager sources of income.

Fortunately, for all such troubled consumers and businesses, the US government has created a debt settlement system which is supposed to provide sufficient debt relief if nothing else works. This can be done by filing a bankruptcy case to either get your debts dismissed for good or to find an alternative solution of reorganizing your assets and forming an essentially convenient repayment plan. Creditors coming after you for their money can become quite exhausting mentally and emotionally for anyone, especially when you are in a bit of a financial mess.

Benefits of a Bankruptcy Lawyer

What you need is a highly competent bankruptcy lawyer to help you figure out an ideal route to get your finances and debts sorted out. By filing for bankruptcy, an automatic ‘stay order’ will be issued by the court which prevents any creditors from pursuing you or contacting you in any way to ask for their money for the duration of the court case. This is one of the handiest benefits of filing for bankruptcy in your difficult times.

Our business caters to providing top-tier legal representation for your bankruptcy needs in all of Rancho Cucamonga and the Inland Empire, California. With a solid bankruptcy stand, you can wipe out your back taxes, interests, and even your penalties. You may not even realize but bankruptcy could be the best solution to resolve your financial cargo. This is where you need our lawyers the most, as they are the finest in the business and always ensure to get the best deal out of your bankruptcy case for your maximum benefit.

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Student Loans

If you have massive student loans, you could also get them federally discharged, even though these are a little tricky. However, under the Brunner test, if you qualify, your student loans can be wiped clean. The test measures three factors. The first one being whether the client will be able to repay the loan while maintaining a basic and minimum living standard or not. The second pointer assesses the financial situation of the debtor and if it will stay this way throughout the repayment period. Finally, the borrower’s intentions and good faith efforts are analyzed and judged. If the debtor fits all three criteria, partial debt relief can be granted while for the rest, chapter 13 may be implemented.

Your Bankruptcy Options

Talking about the bankruptcy chapters, the most common and beneficial ones are Chapter 13 and Chapter 7. If you have a low income with strict financial problems without owning any relevant assets and looking for complete debt wipeouts, you may qualify for Chapter 7, which lasts for around 3 months to settle. A trustee will be appointed for you who will analyze all your assets thoroughly and sell any non-exempt property or assets in your possession to repay creditors. Chapter 7 is a form of the liquidation process to clear your debts.

To qualify for Chapter 13, you must have a regular source of monthly income. With this, if you can take out a small portion every month to repay your debts bit by bit, Chapter 13 is ideal for you. In this, you are reorganizing your finances to come up with a clear-cut and precise plan to repay your creditors over the next couple of years. Unlike Chapter 7 where your non-exempt property will automatically be sold, this is not a requirement of Chapter 13 and you are allowed to keep your property. With the simple shuffling of your finances and the invention of a sturdy repayment plan, you can be free of your major debts in just a couple of quick years.

The best person to guide you regarding the most convenient and suitable chapter for you in your petition for bankruptcy is always going to be your lawyer. The outcome of your whole case can rest on the competency and skills of your bankruptcy attorney. This is why, our company comprises a team of eager, professional, and knowledgeable bankruptcy lawyers who have valuable experience in handling all kinds of bankruptcy clients and their cases.

Facing Financial Insecurity

Situations often arise where you are crippled by financial insecurity and need a helping hand to save you from drowning. With our lawyers by your side, your worst financial circumstance can be turned around quite easily and successfully. Whatever difficulties you may be facing, be it repossession, lagging mortgage payments, foreclosure, garnishment of wages, etc., our lawyers can efficiently help in taking care of you and your mess. Not only do we provide top-tier legal representation, but they also help ease your emotional and mental turmoil too.

The lawyers at our firm are responsible to mentor you and guide you into making appropriate and fruitful decisions in these times of distress. They are fully updated with the latest laws and rules of your state and can point you towards the right direction for you in bankruptcy matters. As financial situations are usually quite delicate, they need to be handled with ample expertise and dedication, all of which are limitless capabilities of our lawyers.

During this time of financial insolvency with bankruptcy being your last resort, do not worry or feel anxious as our attorneys have got your back no matter how complex your case it. Whether you are stuck with secured or unsecured debts, there is always a way out for you. If you do not want the creditors to sue you and seize your property first, it is wiser to act before them and file a bankruptcy case with the correct documents and paperwork filled out. Our lawyers will prepare you extensively for the times you will have to appear in front of the judge to explain your circumstances even. Hence, we will be there every step of the way for you.

Why Choose Us

Here, in Rancho Cucamonga and the Inland Empire, California, our business serves to provide you with unbeatable, realistic solutions to help solve your financial crisis. With millions of Americans trapped under unforgiving debts, the ideal path is to file for bankruptcy if no other way works in helping you clear your debts. This requires extensive paperwork and documentation, which is best left for the professionals to handle because, at this point, you really cannot afford to make any mistakes.

By hiring our lawyers, you are instantly saving yourself from losing a lot of money, with the only amount needed to spend would be for our extremely affordable services. Our lawyers will always make honest assessments of your options and keep you informed about all developments in your case at all times. Each of our attorneys understands how frustrating and despairing your circumstances may feel like to you, but they will be there to constantly support you and boost you with the utmost compassion, kindness, and hope.



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